Brandon Shack Harris Nitty Kitty
"Before I got my Nitty Kitty t-shirt, I had to settle for second place."
Brandon Shack Harris
Three Time Second Place Finisher & Two Time WSOP Bracelet Winner
"The mice need to be...jumpier"
Eric Rodawig
Cartoon Mouse Enthusiast & WSOP Bracelet Winner
Eric Rodawig Unlucky Ducky
Steve Albini Nitty Kitty
"Mr. Hellmuth, I've played with Nitty Kitty.
I know Nitty Kitty. Nitty Kitty is a friend of mine.
Mr. Hellmuth, you're no Nitty Kitty."
Steve Albini
Inventor of the "Pro & Snow" and WSOP Bracelet Winner
"Wearing my Nitty Kitty t-shirt to the first day of kindergarden cemented my status as the coolest kid in school."
Very Cool & Stylish Young Lady
Brian Hastings Three to One Dog
"Ya a 55/45 seems way better than an 85/15 to me for this idea. I just don't love the design of this particular shirt, don't think I'd wear it really"
Brian Hastings
Four Time WSOP Bracelet Winner and Run It Twice Mice Skeptic
"Brian Hastings has no idea what he's talking about. My Run it Twice Mice t-shirt has made me the king of the playground."
Toddler & Future Grinder