Brandon Shack Harris Nitty Kitty
"Before I got my Nitty Kitty t-shirt, I had to settle for second place."
Brandon Shack Harris
Three Time Second Place Finisher & Two Time WSOP Bracelet Winner
"The mice need to be...jumpier"
Eric Rodawig
Cartoon Mouse Enthusiast & WSOP Bracelet Winner
Eric Rodawig Unlucky Ducky
Steve Albini Nitty Kitty
"Mr. Hellmuth, I've played with Nitty Kitty.
I know Nitty Kitty. Nitty Kitty is a friend of mine.
Mr. Hellmuth, you're no Nitty Kitty."
Steve Albini
Inventor of the "Pro & Snow" and WSOP Bracelet Winner
"Wearing my Nitty Kitty t-shirt to the first day of kindergarden cemented my status as the coolest kid in school."
Very Cool & Stylish Young Lady
Brian Hastings Three to One Dog
"Ya a 55/45 seems way better than an 85/15 to me for this idea. I just don't love the design of this particular shirt, don't think I'd wear it really"
Brian Hastings
Four Time WSOP Bracelet Winner and Run It Twice Mice Skeptic