Unlucky Ducky


We all know this guy and we stopped feeling sorry for him eight years ago.

Raises UTG to 3xBB and sits in disbelief as he gets five callers.

Why won’t they let him pick up the blinds and spare him the sweat?

And when the flop gives the opportunity for so many types of dirty two pair, there is no way he’s going to win this one.  But he sure as hell is going to call down the guy who nearly jumped out of his seat after the turn card paired the board.

He knows he’s beat, and he makes sure to let the entire table know it before calling down his last stack of chips. Like so many before him, he “just has to see it.”

For some reason, he thinks everybody else just has to see his, as he mucks face up.

He waddles away, knowing that he’ll never raise pre with pocket rockets again.

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A poker t-shirt for those of us who can never seem to win with Aces.

Thankfully, this shirt is so fun and comfortable that it will be easy to laugh off your downswing.

Like all of our poker apparel, it features an original design developed by our crack team of poker & comedy experts.  Furthermore, it has been the focus of a PokerNews interview & been worn by several WSOP bracelet winners.

Most importantly, this poker t-shirt is soft.  It utilizes a Bella Canvas Tri-Blend (50% Polyester, 25% Cotton & 25% Rayon) material, so you’ll be comfortable for your entire session.

The Unlucky Ducky makes the perfect gift for the poker enthusiast who has both a sense of humor and an exquisite sense of style.