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In early 2021, Kevin Goldstein was looking for music to accentuate his new baseball podcast for Fangraphs.   Naturally he turned to his friend Steve Albini to assist with the matter.  Steve quickly put together a team of baseball loving musicians who spent a day in the studio at Electrical Audio in Chicago, crafting and recording three odes to America’s Pastime.   This band consisted of the following all-stars:

Steve Albini of Shellac, Big Black and Chin Music on Guitar and Toasting
Tim Midyett of Silkworm, Bottomless Pit, Mint Mile and Deep Tunnel Project on Bass
Matt Spiegel of Tributosaurus, Brother Brother and midday host on 670 the Score on Vocals
Andy Kosinski of Hungry Man, Sirs and Ling Ling on Drums

with a special appearance by Stephen Howard of Pinebender on the Guitar Solo for “You Break My Heart Every Year”

Not surprisingly, MLB teams started calling Kevin wanting to know who had created that incredible music.  Always knowing how to play his cards, Kevin parlayed that interest into a new job with the Minnesota Twins!

Fast forward to a few years later where the three songs sat on a digital shelf, unheard for multiple seasons, benched with no prospect of getting back in the game.  Andy learned that a good friend of the band was going through some rough times and needed some assistance.  With the blessing of the group, he decided to press the songs to vinyl and sell them on his website to gather funds to share with a good person in need.

This three song 7” is limited to a pressing of 1000 and will never be repressed.  It features original album art by Steve Albini and an etching on the B side also done by Steve. Ask him about how he did it, he is very proud of himself.

Remember, all profits go to someone in need so help usher in the new baseball season with three songs dedicated to the greatest game ever invented.

Step into the box and enjoy some Chin Music!

Album Details

1. You Break My Heart Every Year
2. Chin Music
3. Game of Inches

Recorded by Jonathan San Paolo at Electrical Audio
Mastered by Bob “Sparkle Bear” Weston at Chicago Mastering Service

Important Note:  There has been a slight delay in shipment for the records, but the pressing plant has confirmed that they will ship to me the week of 5/27.  Therefore, expect shipping of records to start around early June.

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