Andy Kosinski started this website after creating the first two t-shirts in our collection. With the help of his friends, the initial run of shirts did well enough to warrant the painstaking process of dealing with Steve and Eric frequently to pump out new shirts every summer. He has zero bracelets, zero World Series of Poker cashes, but he did get a table share of the bad beat about six years ago and it was the most refreshing moment of his life.

Eric Rodawig isn’t just a World Series of Poker bracelet winner with five final tables to his name.  He also, well…hmmm. I’ll get back to you on that.  

Eric has been integral in the development of our t-shirts as our main technical adviser.  He bickers with us about the correct hand equities in our shirts until we give up arguing with him. 

He also is invaluable as a promoter, by being his normal, jovial self in the poker community to everyone except Andy, whom he refuses to talk to.  No, seriously, he won’t talk to me because he’s mad about a tweet from four years ago.  It happens!

Regardless, he’s an absolute treasure at the table, people. Ask anyone.

While Steve Albini may be known in the poker world for his 2018 $1500 Stud High Bracelet <taps ear> what is this? I’m being told he has two bracelets?  That can’t be. WTF.

Anyways, he is known to the general public as the guy who recorded that one song that was in Fight Club and now gets shoehorned into any fucking movie or tv show where they need to create a phony sense of depth. 

Christ, what a disaster. 


Oh, and he has been integral in the development of each of these shirts by acting as a conduit to much funnier and more talented people, so we like to keep him in the loop. 

Thanks Steve!

Without Sam there would be no Nitty Kitty. He is responsible for the artwork on both the Nitty Kitty and the In Case of Rapture t-shirts.

Like an alchemist he masterfully translated Andy’s insane ramblings about a cat with a low VPIP and produced our Mickey Mouse. Since then he has gone on to master Wycinanki, the Polish folk art of papercutting. Sam runs Sparrow Papercraft and you are encouraged to visit his site here

Please go buy a ton of his beautiful work.