I Got A Feeling…

Dear blog, it’s been nine months since my last post. 

It’s kind of cute that my Lousy Smarch blog entry hinted at good things to come in the following months as long as we waited patiently.  Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in the inability of most people to follow direction and sacrifice aspects of their livelihood to help the greater good.

Freedumb, it never fails.

Of course, my positive outlook on April 1st (oddly titled “Lousy Smarch”) did happen to be correct in one regard.  While 2020 was a shitshow for the majority of the world, I ended up having an amazing year. 

I moved into a beautiful house. I got married. I got a puppy. I was lucky to suffer the absolute minimum during this pandemic.  While staying inside for the past nine months has sucked, so many have had it much worse and I refuse to complain.

Furthermore, I was able to achieve one of my poker goals: the return of the Tuesday game. 

Very early on in the pandemic, an old friend discovered the play money games on PokerStars and suggested we have a game with a Zoom call.  That one night of fun turned into a weekly reunion of friends who had grown apart as we moved from dumbass loser 20 year olds to somehow competent 40 year old family men.  Wild. 

The Tuesday game has always been the best reminder of the joy that poker allows.  In our game, you can spend a Tuesday evening with a dude who has never played anything other than No Limit Holdem in a 8 Game Tournament and he’s just destroying a table that has three bracelet winners at it.  It is a collection of dorks and goofballs who make the bullshit world disappear with a deluge of insults and offensive jokes.  Most importantly, it is a perfect opportunity to lose $40 in a three-hour tournament and go to bed furious about the loss.  I love it and I am elated that we have been able to resurrect it. 

The return of the Tuesday game was also significant in resurrecting my love of mixed games.  Playing in an eight game tournament with some very tough competition is a great way to spark critical thought and excitement.  When I think about the lack of online poker, my sadness only relates to the inability of new players to learn additional games at an affordable price.  That includes me!  Very glad to have the opportunity to work on my game and hopefully get more people interested in playing the various mix games. The next step will be in 2021 when we move from the virtual setting!

That brings us to 2021. 

I have it on good authority (Pete Townshend) that 21 is gonna be a good year.

The goals will always spill over from the past:  volume, dedication to study, continuing to manage tilt.  

The only question is when and how.

When will I be able to play in a casino again?  What games are going to be running?  What is the future of the card room?  How badly will the economic damage of the pandemic influence the player pool?  Who will sit with us at the hooker bar at the WSOP? 

Important questions and hopefully all will have great answers.

Only one way to find out.