We Are Lucky to Have You and Thank You Very Much

Last week I had the ultimate “how did we get here?” moment while watching coverage of the first day of the WSOP Main Event on ESPN.

Like most people my age, my journey into poker started in the early 2000’s during the post-Moneymaker hysteria.  Because of that, all of my earliest and fondest memories of the game involve ESPN’s coverage.  The slide guitar, the  vignettes of up and coming players, the awful ex wife jokes, the whole deal.  

This all coincided with my poker evolution, moving from curiosity to fascination and then obsession.

Thankfully, this awakening coincided with me befriending a group of guys who had also become interested in the game.  Because of them I have great memories of our early struggles with the game.  What started as a few random NL tournaments quickly turned into a weekly game every Tuesday night.

While I have a strong memory of those early days, I have the assistance of an old website forum that documented the antics of that game.  Populated by the regulars in the game, we spent years going over hands and absurdity from each evening we played.  

All of this is relevant because one of the eventual regulars from that game, Brandon Shack Harris, was seated at a featured table on ESPN this evening.

Seeing BSH on my television is nothing new, as I had sweat him via the web based WSOP coverage during his many deep runs.  However, this was different. There was something notable and official about one of us being on the Main Event coverage, the same television show that introduced us to the holy game of poker.  

Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered a new era.   These are the times we will all remember.